Where thinking, creating and doing happens.
Where an entrepreneurial spirit lives.
Where getting things done is the way.
Think. Create. DO!

Who is CIAO Marketing?

Here at CIAO we bring our passion for marketing, branding, promotion and strategy to everything we do. This is what sets the stage for our clients’ success. And we do it all with a positive attitude and a smile.


Thinking is the first step in visualizing your future success. With this comes strategizing on how to take your business to the next level. Whether it is for a startup or a new initiative, the goal is the same – to figure out the best way to achieve your goals.


Once the strategy is set, it’s time to create your plan. Whether it’s a campaign, design project or new program, the plan is your guide. We work with you to generate highly effective ideas that align with your objectives.


We are about getting things done. It’s about diving in, making things happen and adjusting as you go. Too  much time spent on steps 1 and 2 will paralyze any business. The act of doing is the most crucial to generating results. So consider us “Strategic Doers.”

"She has a masterful online marketing mind, skillfully manages her partner/agency relationships, is a superstar project manager and excellent cross-functional communicator. And she does it all with amazing passion, energy and a drive to succeed!"

− Kassi, Clearwire

"Her dedication and passsion, deep technical knowledge and global project management set the bar high for success at Microsoft. Her advocacy for teams, dynamic personality and honest communication created an environment of trust and respect amongst clients, internal and external partners and kept the organization on track to deliver on an accelerated launch with marketing excellence."

− Heather, Microsoft

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